Peotember 2014
Poetember 2014

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Robert P. Clarke

Night Waves

The driving waves crashed against the beach
Youth culture taking advantage of this natural phenomenon
I myself was a lost soul, walking, aimlessly across the beach
Nothing to do, throwing stones at the driving waves
Maybe the waves will throw stones back

One day

I walked on a short distance, then stopped and turned to listen closer to surreal night waves crashing on the shore, a glisten in my eye from the moonlit scape, as the waves surged forward.

I continued walking along the beach

Passing, just another generation attracted by the night air and the booming sound of the crashing waves
The false unnatural lights in the distance
The moonlight creating a soft glow
The falseness of portrayed holiday brochures
The beauty of tonight
The buzz and excitement of the dark, the chilled air, the view of the waves, the alternative
To accepting life's riches and luxuries

This was raw
This was now
This was my life

Night Waves ©Robert P. Clarke 2008

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Poetember 2014